Saturday, July 23, 2011

Την μια μονότονην ημέραν άλλη
μονότονη, απαράλλακτη ακολουθεί. Θα γίνουν
τα ίδια πράγματα, θα ξαναγίνουν πάλι —
η όμοιες στιγμές μας βρίσκουνε και μας αφίνουν.

Μήνας περνά και φέρνει άλλον μήνα.
Aυτά που έρχονται κανείς εύκολα τα εικάζει·
είναι τα χθεσινά τα βαρετά εκείνα.
Και καταντά το αύριο πια σαν αύριο να μη μοιάζει.

On one monotone day one more
monotone, indistinct day follows. The same
things will happen, then recur—
moments all alike come upon us, and go away.

One month passes bringing one month more.
What comes next is easy enough to know:
the boredom from the day before.
And tomorrow’s got to where it seems like no tomorrow.

 C.P. Cavafy - ”Monotony,” translated by Daniel Mendelsohn

Cavafy influenced Seferis— you remember Seferis, “Wherever I travel Greece wounds me” — and although I thought about picking up a book in Greece, I never got around to it. Seeing the O’Reilly show got me thinking about him again, and then I discovered this poem, which must be about the summer.



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